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Managing and Optimising Informix Databases

A three day course for application developers and database administrators. The course combines theory with practical exercises to reinforce the topics covered.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Understand how to organise database tables for optimum performance
  • Effectively manage and maintain indexes
  • Build data integrity rules into the database
  • Create data distributions to improve the efficiency of queries
  • Control access to the data
  • Efficiently export and import data


Familiarity with Informix-SQL

Course Content

  • Creating and maintaining databases and tables
  • Understanding IDS disk components
  • Optimising the storage of data
  • Indexing strategy and maintenance
  • Indexes benefits
  • Indexing overheads
  • The structure of indexes and index growth
  • Referential and entity integrity
  • Ensuring the validity of data using
  • Semantic integrity and Check Constraints
  • Establishing default values for columns using Default constraints
  • Enforcing table relationships with Referential constraints
  • Cascading deletes
  • Using OBJECT MODES to ENABLE and DISABLE indexes and constraints
  • Applying constraints to existing data
  • Ensuring the continued operation of a process despite constraint violations
  • Creating data distributions to improve the efficiency of queries
  • Controlling access to the data on the database
  • Granting and revoking database and table privileges
  • Using Roles
  • Exporting and importing data efficiently

Quotes from previous delegates

Course tutor very good, patient and explained all points clearly.....

Instructor extremely knowledgable. His eagerness to "try this out" was perfect as reinforcement to lecture

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