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Informix Dynamic Server Performance and Optimisation

A two day course for database administrators. This course looks at the factors that influence the performance of the database server.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Identify performance inadequacies
  • Modify the IDS configuration to resolve performance problems


Informix Dynamic Server System Administration

Course Content

  • Identifying and locating the problem
  • Using sar and vmstat
  • Optimising the use of the resident and virtual shared memory components
  • Monitoring and optimising the caching of data structures in memory
  • Configuring page cleaners and LRU queues
  • Controlling the frequency and duration of a checkpoint
  • Configuring read ahead
  • Optimising disk I/O to the logical logs and the physical log
  • Configuring the CPU vps
  • Optimising the disk component
  • Factors to consider when allocating disk space
  • Using RAID
  • Planning the physical location of IDS components
  • Efficient use of temporary data space
  • Management of BLOB data
  • Monitoring and managing the allocation of space to database tables
  • Optimising disk I/O. Kernel I/O versus AIO
  • Configuring the number of AIO vps
  • Selecting the appropriate database logging mode
  • Table fragmentation strategies
  • Using, configuring and monitoring PDQ
  • Configuring client/server communications
  • Configuring listen and poll threads
  • Optimising for index creation, OLTP, DSS and data loading operations

Quotes from previous delegates

Tutor is very good. Doesn't rush us or the information.....

Lots of very useful ideas I can develop....

Hotel accommodation first class. Courses aimed at the correct level , building up the skills needed for the exercises.....

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