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Advanced Informix-4GL

A two day course for Informix-4GL programmers during which the delegates are invited to explore and extend their knowledge of the product in discussion and practical sessions.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Use advanced Informix-4GL features
  • Consolidate existing knowledge
  • Produce efficient and maintainable code


Familiarity with Informix-4GL and with the vi editor

Course Content

  • Setting up an Informix-4GL development environment
  • Using Source Code Control
  • Format of code and the use of variables
  • Naming conventions
  • Creating re-usable and maintainable code
  • Overview of error handling
  • Trapping and logging errors
  • Debugging 4GL code
  • Transaction logging within 4GL
  • Locking issues when using transactions
  • Understanding screen arrays
  • Using alternatives to arrays to achieve a more flexible result
  • Calling C functions from within the program
  • Calling 4GL from C
  • Creating customised runners
  • Program Optimisation issues
  • Understanding the effect of using select cursors
  • Improving efficiency using Insert cursors and PREPARE
  • Report writing tips
  • Examples of more advanced reports
  • A QBE front-end, using arrays, creating an ascii file
  • Running reports in the background
  • Passing parameters to a 4GL program
  • Introduction to the Interactive Debugger
  • Using the debug environment
  • The debugger commands
  • Overview of later Informix-4GL features
  • Syntax and examples

Quotes from previous delegates

Very enjoyable - the tutor was excellent. Looking forward to putting it into practice. Thanks.

Course well structured with lots of useful exercises.

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