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Writing Applications Using-4GL

A five day course for application developers. The course includes extensive practical exercises which lead to the development of a comprehensive Informix-4GL application.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Understand the features and functionality of Informix-4GL
  • Develop a sophisticated and fully functional Informix-4GL program
  • Use features such as error handling and help facilities
  • Be competent in screen handling and report writing


Familiarity with the vi editor is strongly recommended. Basic knowledge of Informix-SQL would be an advantage.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Informix-4GL
  • Features of 4GL
  • Types of 4GL product
  • Creating and compiling modules and programs
  • Program flow control statements: IF, CASE, WHILE, FOR
  • Defining program variables
  • The scope of variables
  • Using functions
  • Parameter passing between functions
  • Useful built-in functions and expressions
  • Interfacing with a database and using SQL statements in 4GL
  • Using cursors to handle multiple rows of data
  • Anticipating and handling errors within the program
  • Using SQLCA
  • Built-in error handling routines
  • Using the MENU statement to control processing
  • Including help facilities within the application
  • Creating and using Screen Forms
  • Customising the layout of screens and adding attributes to fields
  • Adding data to the database using the INPUT statement
  • Validating user input
  • Using WITHOUT DEFAULTS to modify data
  • Removing data
  • Using transaction logging statements in 4GL and applying row-level locks
  • Using the CONSTRUCT statement to implement QBE
  • The PREPARE statement for optimisation
  • Coding scrolling screen arrays for data entry and display purposes
  • Using overlay windows in the program
  • Report writing in 4GL
  • Extracting data using a report driver
  • Controlling the format of data within the report

Quotes from previous delegates

excellent, very informative. Better than informix's own course.....

extremely interesting, the course lecturer was easy to understand and the manual together with the exercises and proposed solutions will allow me to develop my understanding further.

an excellent course, well-presented by someone who has a very good knowledge of the product.

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