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Advanced Informix-SQL

A two day course for application developers and end users who have a working knowledge of Informix-SQL. Practical exercises are a significant feature of this course and are used throughout to consolidate the theory.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Use advanced SQL constructs for queries and data maintenance
  • Optimise
  • slow-running queries
  • Understand the role of indexes and how they are maintained
  • Use views as a security feature or to simplify data retrieval


Familiarity with Informix-SQL.

Course Content

  • Overview of database structure and terminology
  • Primary Keys, Foreign Keys and relationships
  • Review of SELECT statement
  • More advanced features of SELECT using table aliases, distributed queries, using GROUP BY and HAVING
  • Special relationships between tables, self-joins and outer joins
  • Combining information from queries using UNION
  • Using subqueries
  • Understanding the variations in subquery syntax
  • Co-related subqueries
  • Subqueries in UPDATEs and DELETEs
  • Additional syntax within SELECT
  • the FIRST clause, the CASE test
  • Converting null values and other data within the query
  • Manipulating date and datetime columns
  • Substringing and case manipulation functions
  • The effect of indexes
  • Indexing guidelines
  • Using SET EXPLAIN to diagnose efficiency problems within queries
  • Understanding and using optimiser directives
  • Benefits of using views
  • Creating and removing views on the database
  • Using views as a security feature
  • Multi-table views
  • Restrictions on views
  • Permission issues with using views
  • Running SQL statements directly from Unix
  • Tracking progress of scripts
  • Running dbaccess interactively

Quotes from previous delegates

A very good atmosphere whereby delegates feel relaxed and not afraid to ask questions when experiencing difficulties.

Yet again the lecturer gets 10 out of 5.

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