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What are OnSupport remote administration services?

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What happens if you need additional DBA resource, but don't have the budget?

What happens if you have so many dispersed applications running Informix that "hands-on" administration is not possible?

Remote administration is a low-cost alternative to employing a full-time DBA. In many small businesses a full-time DBA is not practical. In larger businesses, additional DBA resource may be perceived as "over-kill". Remote administration strikes a useful balance by allowing you to have a senior, qualified DBA monitoring your database systems remotely and proactively.

What are the key benefits to OnSupport remote administration services?

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  • ASP remote administration is the most cost-effective way of making additional DBA skills available to your business.
  • Costs are reduced because there is no on-site presence required and therefore no additional travel expense.
  • We use the latest management and monitoring software and can configure the system to alert our consultants to significant events or actively respond to those events in your absence.

To discuss how Oninit ® can assist please call on +1-913-674-0360 or alternatively just send an email specifying your requirements.