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What is an OnSupport health check?

Health Check

A system health check is a report that clearly shows how your system is performing against a set of key metrics.

Each of the health check metrics is given a percentage score and these are weighted and aggregated to provide an overall system health measurement.

In total there are more than 60 key metrics and each metric is grouped into one of 4 major categories: transactional performance; system resource efficiency; recoverability; and reliability.

What are the key benefits to an OnSupport health check?

Health Check

Proactive system management becomes much easier because problem areas tend to be identified early in a system that is being independently and regularly checked.

A history of all previous health checks are maintained on our database and can be accessed online by you and our consulting or support engineers when required. This means that support calls can be dealt with more efficiently and changes in behaviour can be monitored regardless of who did the last check.

Health checks can be run before and after major system changes such a hardware substitution, upgrades and new user loads. This will highlight before and after conditions to indicate whether there has been a positive or negative impact. Because these tests are standardised, you may present these results to other suppliers with confidence in the accuracy and independence of the data.

The report is transparent, which means that we show you not just the results, but also how we arrived at the results. This means that you can run your own health check internally on a more frequent basis using our methodology if you wish.

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