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Down System Support and Data Recovery

Down Systems

So you are out of support and the system is down?
So you have support but its the middle of the night ?
So you have down chunks ?
So you have a system stuck in physical recovery ?
So you have a system stuck in logical recovery ?

Examples of Recovered Systems

Problem: Sysadmin newfs'd 360GB of disk (180chunks) allocated to main (750GB) dbspace

Action: Patch the chunks back into the system and the brought the dbspace back online.

Problem: SAN powered down while the engine was online, leaving 10 down chunks

Action: Patched the chunk and dbspace structure and brought dbspace back online.

Recover time: 15 mins
Data loss: NIL

Problem: Catastrophic rootdbs failure on Online V5 system

Action: Extracted system information from failed disk. Using this data, wrote custom software to extract the table structures for the failed system. Finally apply the table stuctures to extacted binary data and generate ASCII unload files

Problem: The system failed to restart after a restore

Action: The customer was hitting bug IC56156 IDS cannot start after restoring an ontape archive from a hdr primary server which was previously a secondary. Unfortunately the recommendation from IBM to upgrade was not possible as support had lapsed. Oninit® edited the rootdbs and manually reset a variety of flags that were telling the engine it used to be a RSS secondary.

Problem: Catastrophic failure when all the chunk links where removed

Action: Stepped through the raw devices and in conjunction with the reserved pages recreated all the missing links.

Problem: Insufficient logical logspace for rollback leading to a locked system

Action: Edited reserved areas using custom software and increased the logical log space to allow the transaction to rollback successfully.

Recovery Time: 45 mins
Data loss : NIL

Problem: Engine crash when moving large table

Instance crashed when customer was trying to move a larger table to a newly created dbspace. The engine failed to start with a failure to complete logical recovery. The logical record that was failing was the creation of the new dbspace, the one into which the table had been moved. The customer was on an old version of the engine and support had lapsed, when Oninit® were contacted they had been down for over 3 days.

Action: Manually compelete the transaction and brought the the dbspace on line. Manually patched the table with the dbspace into the system tables.

Recovery Time: 45 mins
Data loss: NIL

To discuss how Oninit ® can assist please call on +1-913-674-0360 or alternatively just send an email specifying your requirements.