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What is OnSupport remote backup?

Backup and Restore

What happens when you need to recover your data after a system failure, data corruption or other catastrophic event?

In most cases, the answer is that you recover the system from a backup. More than any other activity, this is the one that causes most database administrators to get nervous because they don't know whether they can recover the Informix system from the last backup until they try.

OnSupport remote backup provides a daily, weekly or monthly backup service for smaller systems. A remote Informix backup is taken; tested the same day; and will remain available online for up to one month. This is guaranteed to work in the event that you need to recover the Informix data or the entire system.

OnSupport remote backup services are available to any company who has an active OnSupport agreement.

What are the key benefits of OnSupport remote backup?

Backup and Restore

OnSupport remote backup is used when you don't have the time to test the backups that you take.

The service is completely automated and keeps you informed which means that the headache is completely removed from you as the database administrator.

An offsite data backup of known quality is permanently available which means that in some cases this service is a practical alternative to an expensive data replication scenario.

For larger systems it is not practical to run a remote backup service, but it is still possible to use our backup testing facility.

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