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Oninit ® can support all IBM Informix products. In most cases the systems that are supported are installed and configured by Oninit ® and therefore Oninit ® has sound understanding not only of the IT systems but also the business requirement that IT systems must meet.

Oninit ® handles first/second and third line calls on behalf of the customer, and in rare cases handing calls back to IBM Informix Technical Support. [This situation has only arisen twice in 4 years]. As the software is still under full support, the end customer is still eligible for all the maintenance patches issued by IBM Informix and all the upgrade paths.

OnSupport Options


A system health check is a report that clearly shows how your system is performing against a set of key metrics.

Stand-By Administration Services

Stand-by administration services are only available to those companies who have had an OnSupport health check within the previous 12 months. Provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, Oninit ® provides an onsite temporary database or system administrator to manage the Informix systems in a resident capacity.

Backup and Restore

What happens when you need to recover your data after a system failure, data corruption or other catastrophic event?

In most cases, the answer is that you recover the system from a backup. More than any other activity, this is the one that causes most database administrators to get nervous because they don't know whether they can recover the Informix system from the last backup until they try.

To discuss how Oninit ® can assist please call on +1-913-674-0360 or alternatively just send an email specifying your requirements.