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onstat -j Pload Interactive Status

The onstat -j command displays the current status for values contained in the onpload control table in memory. It is used in conjunction with a configuration file, given as a required argument, and places the user in interactive mode. Only certain onstat options may be used while in onpload interactive mode. Typing a question mark (?) at the onstat prompt will list available options.

Available onpload options include the following: All onpload information (jct, joa, jmq, jms, jta)

  jct Print control table
  jpa Print program arguments
  jta Print thread array
  jmq Print message queues
  jms Print message queue summary


  • The pload configuration file must contain two key value pairs separated by whitespace: CLIENTNUM and SHMBASE.
  • The value for CLIENTNUM is the server shmkey, which can be obtained from onstat -g seg.
  • The value for SHMBASE is the server shmbase address, which can be obtained from the server configuration file ($ONCONFIG).
  • The command is executed as onstat -j jfile. Where jfile is the pload configuration file.

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