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onstat -g wmx Mutexes with waiters

The onstat -g wmx command displays a list the mutexes in the system that are currently being waited on.

Mutexes with waiters:
mid      addr             name               holder   lkcnt  waiter   waittime
134825   7000002043a9148  free_lock          11009    0      200      22921   
                                                             11010    22918   

Number of mutexes on VP free lists: 13106

Read/Write Locks
addr             id       name               slocks xlock    waiters

Output Description

Heading Description Format See Also
mid The mutex ID. Dec onstat -g amx
addr The in-memory address of the mutex structure for this resource. Hex  
name The name associated with this mutex. Str  
holder The address of the TCB holding this mutex. Hex  
lkcnt The number of locks held by this same thread. Dec  
waiter The address of the first TCB waiting to acquire this mutex. Hex  
wait time The amount of time in seconds this mutex has had a waiter. Dec  

    RingBuf mutex: Protects Ring buffer class. Safe for use by multiple producers and consumers simultaneously. The ring buffer is implemented on top of the bufQ mechanism. It's used by the grouper thread(s).

    There are three states you will likely see the grouper fanout thread in:
    - Waiting for input from DDR snoopy. Idle state
    - Waiting for a qBuf to send data to the grouper eval threads (RingBuf_t)
    - Running

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