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onstat -g sync ER Synchronization Statistics

The onstat -g sync command displays the active synchronization statistics.

Prim   Sync   St.  Shadow Flag Stat Block  EndBlk
Repl   Source      Repl             Num    Num

145823 1      0    1208976 2    0    402    659

Output Description

Prim Repl Replicate number of the replicate being synchronized
Sync Source Source server of the sync
St Sync replicate state
Shadow Repl The shadow replicate used to perform the sync
Flag Internal flags:
  • 0x02 = external sync
  • 0x04 = shutdown request has been issued
  • 0x08 = abort has occurred
  • 0x010 = a replicate stop has been requested
  • 0X020 = shadow or primary replicate has been deleted
Stat Resync job state
Block num Last block applied on targets (on source always 0)
EndBlock Num Last block in resync process. Marks the end of the sync scan on the target. A value of' -2 indicates that the scan is still in progress, and the highest block number is not yet known.
Additional fields for forwarded rows:
ServID Server where forwarded row originated
fwdLog ID Originator's log ID of the forwarded row
fwdLog POS Originator's log position of the forwarded row
endLog ID Operation switches back to normal at this point
endLog POS Operation switches back to normal at this log position
complete flag Set to 1 after normal processing resumes for the originating source

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