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onstat -g sym Symbol Tables

The onstat -g sym command displays a list of the symbol tables being maintained by the server.

Table for oninit has 75600 entries
    Initial value for -base-: 0x0
        0x53e3c0 get_cfgfile
        0x53e3d0 get_num_chunks
        0x53e400 set_nhbuffshift
        0x53e450 usedinbuf
        0x53e480 rs_count_modified_pages
        0x53e4e0 get_num_aio_chunks
        0x53e590 verify_chkinfo
        0x53e970 come_get_me

Output Description

Heading Description Format
addr The address of the symbol table control block Hex
symbols The number of symbols being maintained in the symbol table Dec
mode Whether the symbol address is relative (rel) or absolute (abs). Str
lowsaddr The lowest address in the symbol table Hex
highsaddr The highest address in the symbol table Hex
symlist The address of the symbol table Hex
namepool The address of the block of memory to hold the symbol table names Hex
slot Index into the DLL table Dec
symtabname The name of the symbol table Str

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