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onstat -g smb Smart Blob Usage

The onstat -g smb command displays the options associated with acquiring smart blob usage.

Option Description
onstat -g smb c Lists all the chunks in the sbspace.
onstat -g smb e Lists the entries in the large object header table.
onstat -g smb fdd Lists the smart-large-object file descriptors.
onstat -g smb lod Lists the header and entries in the smart-large-object header table.
onstat -g smb s Lists the sbspace attributes (owner, name, page size, -Df flag settings). Fields with a value of 0 or -1 were not initialized during sbspace creation.
onstat -g smb h Lists the headers of all smart-large-object table types.
onstat -g smb h cad Lists the header for the smart-large-object chunk adjunct table.
onstat -g smb h fdd Lists the header for the smart-large-object file descriptor table.
onstat -g smb h lod Lists the header for the smart-large-object header table.

onstat -g smb s

Sbspace Summary:                                                
sbnum 3    address 14a54840                                     
    Space    : flags    nchk     owner    sbname                
               -------- 1        informix smrtdbs01             
    Defaults : LO_LOG                                           
    LO       : ud b/pg  flags    flags    avg s/kb max lcks     
               2048     0        -------- -1       -1           
    Ext/IO   : 1st sz/p nxt sz/p min sz/p mx io sz              
               0        0        0        -1                    
onstat -g smb c
Chunk Summary:                                                              
sbnum 3    chunk 3                                                          
    Chunk: address  flags    offset   size     orig fr  usr pgs  free pg    
           147d4a60 F------- 0        512000   478035   478035   477610     
           path: /chunks/online02                                           
           start pg npages                                                  
    Ud1  : 53       239017                                                  
    Md   : 239070   33912                                                   
    Ud2  : 272982   239018                                                  
onstat -g smb fdd
Lofd Table Header                                                               
Table Name   Flags      # Primary  # Sec.  Entry Size Slots Allc Slots Used     
------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------  
     sb_lofd       0x12        512         80          4         80          0  
Lofd Table Entries - Transaction Information                                    
  txid    fd_ntot   fd_nused nltexopens   fd_flags                              
   145          4          0          0 0x00000000                              
   151          4          0          0 0x00000000                              
   148          4          0          0 0x00000000                              
Lofd Table Entries - File Descriptor Information                                
  txid fdval     curpos open_flags [sbs,chk,seq(rid),oid]                       
onstat -g smb lof
Lo Header Table Header                                                         
Table_Name   Flags      # Primary  # Sec.     Entry_Size Capacity              
# Buckets    # Heads    # Entries                                              
------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------            
 sb_loheader       0x14        512         80          0         80            
         512        409          4                                             
Lo Header Table Entries                                                        
 opns refs       size  ha_status   h_status [sbs,chk,seq(rid),oid]             

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