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onstat -g sle Sleeping Threads

The onstat -g sle command displays threads that are currently on the sleep queue along with the number of seconds remaining before the thread awakens (is placed on the ready queue by the ADM virtual processor).

Sleeping threads with timeouts: 4 threads                         
        tid     v_proc  rstcb   name            time              
        6       1       140d3018        main_loop()     1         
        151     1       14a59158        onmode_mon      1         
        11      1       0       sm_discon       2                 
        143     1       14a585d8        btclean 54                

Output Description

Heading Description Format
tid The thread ID. Dec
v_proc The ID of the virtual processor where this thread last ran. Dec
rstcb The in-memory address of the thread's rstcb. Hex
name The name of the sleeping thread. Str
time The amount of time left in seconds for this thread to sleep before being moved to the ready queue. Dec


    A thread is put to sleep for a specific period of time or forever.

    Time in the later engines is displayed as a two digit decimal.

Monitoring and Tuning

    Threads will be placed onto the sleep queue when they need to sleep for a specific period of time as with the BTree cleaner thread which wakes up every 60 seconds to perform its work. sqlexec threads will end up on the sleep queue if they execute a SET LOCK MODE TO WAIT statement either with or without a specified number of seconds and the resource they are after is locked. For example, if an sqlexec thread set its lock mode to wait 30 seconds and it encounters a lock, it will be placed on the sleep queue until either 30 seconds has elapsed or the lock has been released.

    Some threads are placed on the sleep queue with the number of seconds set to forever. These threads are usually threads waiting for an event to occur, such as being signalled that data they were waiting for is now ready for processing.

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