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onstat -g proxy ER Global Catalog

The onstat -g proxy command displays information about proxy distributors; the output proxy command differs slightly when run on a primary server or on a secondary server. There are a number of command line options.

Option Description
onstat -g proxy Displays proxy distributor information
onstat -g proxy all When run on the primary server, displays information about proxy distributors and proxy agent threads. When run on the secondary server, displays information about all sessions currently performing updates to secondary servers.
onstat -g proxy proxy_id proxy_transaction_id sequence_number This option is valid only on secondary servers. Displays detailed information about the current work bring performed by a given proxy distributor. The proxy_transaction_id and sequence_number are optional parameters. When supplied, the first number is considered the proxy_transaction_id, and the second is interpreted as the sequence_number. If the supplied proxy_transaction_id or sequence_number do not exist, the command output is the same as the output for onstat -
onstat -g proxy all [run from primary server]

Secondary          Proxy      Reference Transaction  Hot Row   
Node               ID         Count     Count        Total     
london             7824       0         3            0         
berlin             7842       0         1            0         
moscow             7869       0         1            0         

TID      Flags      Proxy  Source   Proxy    Current  sqlerrno iserrno 
                    ID     SessID   TxnID    Seq                       
174       0x00000224 7824   131       1        42       0        0       
175       0x00000224 7842   142       2        69       0        0       
173       0x00000224 7842   143       2        71       0        0       
171       0x00000224 7869   125       1        6        0        0 

Output Descriptions

Not all fields are in the above example

Option Description
Proxy ID ID of the proxy distributor. Proxy IDs are unique within a high-availability cluster.
Reference Count Indicates the number of threads that are using the information for the current transaction. When the count becomes 0, the transaction processing is complete (either successfully or unsuccessfully).
Transaction Count The number of transactions currently being processed by the proxy distributor.
Hot Row Total Total number of hot rows ever handled by the proxy distributor.
TID ID of the proxy agent thread running on the primary server. This ID is created by the proxy distributor to handle work from the session on the secondary server.
Flags Flags of the proxy agent thread.
Proxy ID The ID of the proxy distributor on behalf of which the proxy agent thread (TID) is running.
Source SessID The ID of the user's session on the secondary server.
Proxy TxnID The number of the current transaction. These numbers are unique to the proxy distributor.
Current Seq The sequence number of the current operation in the current transaction.
sqlerrno The error number of any SQL error (or 0 if no errors).
iserrno The error number of any ISAM or RSAM error (or 0 if no errors).
Pending Ops The number of operations buffered on the secondary server that have not yet been sent to the primary server.
Proxy SID Proxy session ID.
Sequence Number The number of the operation.
Operation Type The type of operation to be performed. One of: Insert, Update, Delete, Other.
rowid The row ID of the row in which to apply the operation.
Table Name The full table name, trimmed to fit a reasonable length. Format: database.owner.tablename

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