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onstat -g prc Stored procedure cache

The onstat -g prc command displays the stored procedures currently being maintained within the system cache.

UDR Cache:                                                                      
    Number of lists             : 31                                            
    PC_POOLSIZE                 : 127                                           
UDR Cache Entries:                                                              
list#  id  ref_cnt   dropped?   heap_ptr        udr name                        
0       242     0       0       159ed020        wbe@oninit_shm:.weburlencode 
0       255     0       0       159d8020        wbe@oninit_shm:.webpwcrypt
1       257     0       0       14c08420        wbe@oninit_shm:.htmlcast
30      213     0       0       15ae7820        drug@oninit_shm:.webexplode
30      2863    0       0       14bb4420        wbe@oninit_shm:.sp_menusug
30      1454    0       0       14ffbc20        wbe@oninit_shm:.sysbldtrace
    Total number of udr entries: 77.                                            
    Number of entries in use    : 2                                             

Global Statistics

Heading Description Format
Number of lists The number of hash chains built for this cache. Dec
PC_POOLSIZE The maximum number of entries that can be maintained within the system procedure cache at one time. Dec
Number of entries The number of entries currently in the cache. Dec
Number of inuse entries The number of entries currently being used by a thread. Dec

Stored Procedure Cache Entries

Heading Description Format
list# The stored procedure cache hash chain ID Dec
id The number of entries in this hash Dec
ref_cnt The number of SQL statements currently referencing one of the entries in this cache. Dec
dropped? Whether this entry has been dropped relative since being loaded to the cache Str
heap_ptr The in-memory address for the heap used to store this entry. Hex
procedure_name The name of the procedure. Str

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