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onstat -g opn Open Partitions

The onstat -g opn command displays a list of the partitions (tables/indexes), by thread ID, that are currently open in the system. An optional argument, thread ID, may be given to restrict the list to just the specified ID.

tid  rstcb      isfd  op_mode    op_flags   partnum    ucount ocount lockmode   
349  0x14a59718 16    0x00000440 0x00000413 0x00700019 2      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 17    0x00000402 0x00000407 0x00700025 5      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 18    0x00000402 0x00000797 0x00700026 2      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 19    0x00000400 0x00000413 0x00400042 3      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 20    0x00000402 0x00000407 0x00400032 1      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 21    0x00000442 0x00000797 0x00400036 1      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 22    0x00000440 0x00000407 0x00500020 4      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 23    0x00000400 0x00000713 0x00600024 1      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 24    0x00000440 0x00000407 0x00400169 4      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 25    0x00000440 0x00000407 0x00700025 5      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 26    0x00000400 0x00000407 0x00600021 4      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 27    0x00000440 0x00000407 0x0040016d 2      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 28    0x00000440 0x00000407 0x00700020 2      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 29    0x00000440 0x00000681 0x00400055 1      0      0     
349  0x14a59718 30    0x00000400 0x00000403 0x00400054 1      0      0     

Output Description

Heading Description Format See Also
tid The thread ID currently accessing the partition resource (table/index). Dec onstat -g ath
rstcb The in-memory address of the rsam thread control block for this thread. Hex  
isfd ISAM file descriptor associated with the open partition. Dec  
op_mode Describes the current status of the partition lock mode using a combination of the following hexadecimal values:
    0x00000 Open for input only
    0x00001 Open for output only
    0x00002 Open for input and output
    0x00004 Open for transaction proc
    0x00008 No logical logging
    0x00010 Open if not already opened for alter
    0x00020 Open all fragments data and index
    0x00040 Don't allocate op_blob struct
    0x00080 Open for alter
    0x00100 Open all data fragments
    0x00200 Automatic record lock
    0x00400 Manual record lock
    0x00800 Exclusive ISAM file lock
    0x01000 Ignore dataskip - data cant be ignored
    0x02000 Dropping partition - delay file open
    0x04000 Don't drop blobspace blobs when 
            table dropped
    0x08000 Open table at datahi
    0x10000 Open table for DDL operations
    0x20000 (Only B1)
    0x40000 Don't assert fail if partnum doesn't exist
    0x80000 Include fragments of subtables
    0x10000 Table created under supertable
    0x20000 Allow sbspace to call rspnbuild
    0x40000 Blob in use by CDR
op_flags Describes the current status of the partition using a combination of the following hexadecimal values:
    0x0001 Open struct in use
    0x0002 Current position exists
    0x0004 Current record has been read
    0x0008 Duplicate created or read
    0x0010 Set when rsstart is called with 
           mode != ISLAST
    0x0020 Shared blob info
    0x0040 Partition opened for rollback
    0x0080 Stop key has been set
    0x0100 No index related read aheads
    0x0200 isstart called for current stop key
    0x0400 openp pseudo-closed
    0x0800 real partition opened for SMI
    0x1000 Read ahead of parent node is done
    0x2000 UDR keys loaded  free in opfree
    0x4000 Open is for a pseudo table
partnum Partition number for the open resource (table/index). Hex  
ucount The number of user threads currently accessing this partition. Dec  
ocount The number of times this partition was opened. Dec  
lockmode Describes the type of lock being held using one or more of the following coded values:
    0 No locks
    1 Byte lock
    2 Intent shared
    3 Shared
    4 Shared lock by RR
    5 Update
    6 Update lock by RR
    7 Intent exclusive
    8 Shared, intent exclusive
    9 Exclusive
   10 Exclusive lock by RR
   11 Inserter's RR test

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