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onstat -g ntt Net User Thread Access Times

The onstat -g ntt command displays the global network information plus user thread access times. The output is sorted in reverse order by session ID.

The global network information description can be found at onstat -g imc

global network information:                                                    
  #netscb connects     read    write    q-free  q-limits  q-exceed  alloc/max   slow_DNS
  22/  27     4431   656504   670705    2/   2  240/  10    0/   0     0 / 0        12
Individual thread network information (times):                                 
  netscb thread name    sid       open       read      write address           
14e2a8c0 sqlexec       4448   15:56:35   15:56:36   15:56:36                   
14d6eb18 sqlexec       1458   18:11:16   11:27:30   11:27:30                   
14e2aaf8 sqlexec        125   02:02:30   10:32:43   10:32:43                   
14ee9db0 sqlexec        124   22:10:26   10:31:40   10:31:40                   
142876c0 tlitcplst        8   13:24:37   12:02:03            theoden|1529|tlitcp 
14287160 sm_discon        7   13:24:36                                          
14278c28 sm_listen        5   13:24:36                                          
14267b30 tlitcppoll       4   13:24:36                                          
14258018 tlitcppoll       3   13:24:37                                          
1412b490 sm_poll          2   13:24:36                                          

Individual Thread Network Information

Heading Description Format
netscb The in-memory address of the network session control block. Hex
thread name The name of the thread that is currently using this type of connection. Str
sid The session ID associated with this connection.  
open The time this connection was opened.  
read The last time a read operation occurred.  
write The last time a write operation occurred.  
address For network listener threads, the host, socket number and protocol being used.  


    The onstat -g ntu command is helpful in identifying at what time particular connections were established to the system.

    The timing information can be found via sysnetworkio

    slow_DNS is reported when looking at the hostname takes more time than the allotted time in milliseconds to get the info.
    You can change this value by updating the entry in onconfig. Everytime a hostname lookup takes more than 200 milliseconds it adds 1 to the slow_DNS counter.
    The REPORT_SLOW_DNS_FREQUENCY parameter governs how often a warning message will be written to the log when the slow_dns profile element is incremented.

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