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onstat -g ntm Network Mail Information

The onstat -g ntm command displays information about network mail.

The global network information description can be found at onstat -g imc

global network information:                                                   
  #netscb connects     read    write    q-free  q-limits  q-exceed alloc/max
  22/  27     4422   656324   670523    2/   2  240/  10    0/   0    0/ 0
Network mailbox information:                                                  
 box   netscb thread name     max received   in box   max in box full signal  
   5 14258018 tlitcppoll       10       70        0        2        0    yes  
   6 14267b30 tlitcppoll       10       31        0        1        0    yes  
   7 142876c0 tlitcplst        10        0        0        0        0     no  
   8 142b64c8 tlitcplst        10        0        0        0        0     no  

Network Mailbox Information

Heading Description Format See Also
box The mailbox number assigned to this network thread. Dec onstat -g ntu
netscb The in-memory address of the network session control block for this mailbox. Hex  
thread name The name of the network thread. Str  
max Maximum number of envelopes (mail messages) allowed in the mailbox for this thread Dec  
received Total number of envelopes received. Dec  
in box Current number of envelopes in mailbox. Dec  
max in Highest number of envelopes in box at one time. Dec  
box full The number of times the mail_send routine found the mailbox full. Dec  
signal If this mailbox will send a signal to a Unix process when it has mail, then 'yes', otherwise, 'no' Str  


    The box number corresponds to the poll column of the onstat -g ntu command.

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