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onstat -g lmm low memory management information

The onstat -g lmm command displays low memory management information.

Low Memory Manager

Control Block      0x4cfca220
Memory Limit       300000 KB
Used               149952 KB
Start Threshold    10240 KB
Stop Threshold     10 MB
Idle Time          300 Sec
Internal Task      Yes
Task Name          'Low Memory Manager'
Low Mem TID        0x4cfd7178
Extra Segments     0

Low Memory Manager Tasks

Task                Count    Last Run
Kill User Sessions  149      06/06/2013.13:24
Kill All Sessions   1        06/06/2013.13:28
Reconfig(reduce)    1        06/06/2013.13:29
Reconfig(restore)   1        06/06/2013.13:29

Last 20 Sessions Killed

Ses ID Username Hostname PID   Time 
2457424    wwbe     gimli    25611  06/06/2013.13:24
2457421    wwbe     gimli    24564  06/06/2013.13:24
2457428    wwbe     gimli    25389  06/06/2013.13:24
2457430    wwbe     gimli    23743  06/06/2013.13:24
2457439    wwbe     gimli    28086  06/06/2013.13:24

Total Killed 177

Output Descriptions

Option Description
Control Block Address of the internal control structure for automatic low memory management
Memory Limit Amount of memory to which the server is attempting to adhere
Used Amount of memory currently used by the server
Start Threshold Value for the automatic low memory management start threshold
Stop Threshold Value for the automatic low memory management stop threshold
Idle Time The amount of time after which automatic low memory management considers a session idle
Internal Task Yes = using Informix procedures
No = using user-defined procedures
Task Name Name of user-defined procedure
Low Mem TID Address of the automatic low memory management thread
Task Kill = Automatic processes ran and terminated sessions.
Reconfig(reduce) = Automatic processes ran and freed blocks of unused memory.
Reconfig(restore) = Automatic processes ran and restored services and configuration.
Count Number of times that the task ran
Last Run Date and time when the last task ran
Ses ID ID of session that was terminated (with an onmode .z command)
Username User name of the owner of the session
Hostname Name of the host where the session originated
PID Process ID
Time Date and time when the session was terminated


    If you enable the LOW_MEMORY_MGR configuration parameter and configure the low memory manager to use a percentage of the SHMTOTAL value for the start and stop thresholds, use caution when changing the value of SHMTOTAL. Changing the value of the SHMTOTAL configuration parameter value can cause the configuration of automatic low memory management to become invalid, forcing the database server to use the default settings

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