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onstat -g imc Informix MaxConnect instances

The onstat -g imc command Prints information about Informix MaxConnect instances that are connected to the database server. If Informix MaxConnect is not connected to the database server, this command displays No MaxConnect servers are connected.

global network information:
  #netscb connects         read        write    q-free  q-limits  q-exceed alloc/max
  38/  53  1376484    145859992    171373700   21/  35  135/  10    0/1461   53/  53

No MaxConnect instances connected

IO statistics for each MaxConnect instance:
   IMCid    header      data   partial   blocked      data   partial   blocked
             reads     reads     reads     reads    writes    writes    writes
       -         -         -         -         -         -         -         -

Global Network Information

Heading Description Format See Also
#netscb The current and maximum number of network session control blocks allocated since initialization (or onstat -z). Dec  
connects The total number of connection requests since initialization. Dec  
read The number of network reads performed by all threads. Dec  
write The number of network writes performed by all threads. Dec  
q-free The current/maximum number of free network buffers since initialization Dec  
q-limits The threshold limit for buffers on the free/normal network buffer queues Dec  
alloc/max The currently allocated and maximum number of network buffers Dec  
q-exceed The number of times the limit for buffers on the free/normal network buffer queues has been exceeded Dec  


    The global network information can also be seen in the sysnetglobal table

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