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onstat -g env Show Environment

The onstat -g env command displays the starting environment for engine, and the command onstat -g env sid displays the environment for the session

Server start-up environment:

Variable            Value [values-list]
CLIENT_LOCALE       en_US.8859-1
DBDATE              DMY4
DBPATH              .
DBPRINT             lp -s
DBTEMP              /tmp
INFORMIXDIR         /usr/local/informix
INFORMIXSERVER      oninit_net
INFORMIXTERM        termcap
LC_COLLATE          en_US.819
LC_CTYPE            en_US.819
LC_MONETARY         en_US.819
LC_NUMERIC          en_US.819
LC_TIME             en_US.819
LD_LIBRARY_PATH     :/usr/local/informix/lib:/usr/local/informix/lib/esql:/usr/
LKNOTIFY            yes
LOCKDOWN            no
NODEFDAC            no
ONCONFIG            onconfig.strider
PATH                /usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/local/i
SERVER_LOCALE       en_US.819
SHELL               /bin/ksh
TERM                vt100
TERMCAP             /etc/termcap
TZ                  GB

Option Description
onstat -g env Displays the settings of environment variables when the database server was started Does not display environment variables that have not been set explicitly.
onstat -g env all Displays the settings used by all sessions This display is the same as the output of onstat -g env and onstat -g envsessionid iteratively on all current sessions.
onstat -g env variable Displays the default value of the specified environment variable
onstat -g env sessionid Displays the settings that a specific session uses. This display includes the following values: Set in the environment of the session Assigned by the database server, as onstat -g env displays
onstat -g env sessionid variable Displays the value of the specified environment variable that the specified session uses The sessionid and variable arguments eliminate the need to pipe the output to grep (or some other utility) to locate an environment variable among many that might be set.


    The onstat -g env command displays the current setting of an environment variable and the complete list of values each time the variable was set in the environment. For example, if PDQPRIORITY is set to 10 in the .informix.rc file and set to 55 in the shell environment, onstat -g env command displays both values.

    However, if you change the PDQPRIORITY with the onmode -q pdqpriority sessionid command, the onstat -g env command does not display the new value for the session. The onstat -g env command displays only the values of environment variables set in the environment. It does not display values modified while the session is running.

    The information can be accessed via sysmaster:sysenv, but only the environment variables that are directly related to Informix so if export MYENV_VAL=1 would not be available. However, the following UDR will access any enviroment variable
/*@unused@*/static char WhatStr[] = "@(#)oninit.1.0/getenv.c(2015/04/16 08:57)"; #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif /* Standard library includes. */ #include <ctype.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stddef.h> /* Used by Informix GLS routines. */ #include <ifxgls.h> #include <mi.h> UDREXPORT mi_lvarchar *oni_getenv ( mi_lvarchar *lv, MI_FPARAM *fparam ) { char *s; char *s1=NULL; mi_lvarchar *lv1=NULL; s=mi_lvarchar_to_string(lv); if(s==NULL) mi_db_error_raise(NULL, MI_EXCEPTION, "Invalid request"); s1=getenv(s); if(s1==NULL) mi_fp_setreturnisnull(fparam, 0, (mi_integer)MI_TRUE ); else lv1=mi_string_to_lvarchar(s1); mi_free(s); return(lv1); } #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif

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