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onstat -g dsk Progress of the Currently Running Compression Operation

The onstat -g dsk command displays the progress of the currently running compression operation.

Partnum     OP       Processed  Cur Page    Prog  Duration  Remaining  Table
0x00100196  COMPRESS     63253      3515     75%  00:00:03   00:00:01  t9040stat_003
0x00100196  REPACK      22900       4285     28%  00:00:01   00:00:02  t9040stat_003

Output Description

Option Description
partnum Partition number of the table or fragment
OP Compression operation, such as compress, repack, or shrink.
Processed Number of rows processed so far for the specified operation
Curr Page The current page number that the server is operating on now
Approx Prog Percentage of the total operation that has completed
Duration The number of seconds that have elapsed since the operation started
Approx Remaining The approximate time that remains before the operation is complete
Table Name of the table

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