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onstat -g dsc Distribution cache

The onstat -g dsc command displays the distribution cache for statistics generated against tables in the system through the UPDATE STATISTICS command.

Distribution Cache:
    Number of lists             : 31
    DS_POOLSIZE                 : 127
Distribution Cache Entries:

list#  id  ref_cnt   dropped?   heap_ptr        distribution name

1       0       0       0       14c14420        wbe@oninit_shm:informix.t0030xref.c0010id 

3       0       0       0       14c0a820        wbe@oninit_shm:informix.t0020folder.c0020name

3       0       0       0       14c09420        wbe@oninit_shm:informix.t0020folder.c0026id

Distribution Cache

Heading Description Format
Number of lists The number of lists in the distribution cache. Dec
DS_POOLSIZE The maximum number of entries that can be cached at one time. Dec
Number of entries The number of entries currently in the distribution cache. Dec
Number of entries in use The number of entries currently in use. Dec

Distribution Cache Entries

Column Description Type See Also
list# The distribution cache hash chain ID Dec  
size The number of entries in this hash Dec  
refcnt The number of SQL statements currently referencing one of the entries in this cache. Dec  
dropped? Whether this entry has been deleted since being loaded to the cache. Str  
heapptr The in-memory address for the heap used to store this entry. Hex  
distribution name The (column) name of the distribution in the cache. Str  


    If a large number of distributions are going to be maintained by the system, setting the DS_POOLSIZE environment variable might help performance.

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