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onstat -g dll DataBlade

The onstat -g dll command displays a list of the DataBlade modules currently registered.

 addr      slot  vp  baseaddr  flags   filename
 140090fc  2     1   fe64d4e0  PM      MYPATH/informix/extend/web.xxxxxx/web.bld 
 141c70fc        2   fe7cd4e0                                       
 141ca0fc        3   fe7cd4e0                                      

Output Description

Heading Description Format See Also
addr Address for this dynamic library entry Hex  
slot The slot number entry within the library table Dec  
vp The virtual processor ID. Dec onstat -g glo
baseaddr VP local base address in library Hex  
flags flags
  M indicates that the thread calling 
    the UDR can migrate from one CPU virtual 
    processor to another CPU virtual processor.
  P indicates that the shared library 
    was loaded when the database server was started.
filename The name of the library file. Str  

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