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onstat -g dis Server Discovery

The onstat -g dis command performs a local system search for existing Informix instances. The current status of each server is displayed.

There are 4 servers found                                                       
Server        : oninit_shm                                                      
Server Number : 1                                                               
Server Type   : IDS                                                             
Server Status : Up                                                              
Server Version: Informix Dynamic Server 2000 Version 9.xxxxx
Shared Memory : 0xa000000                                                       
INFORMIXDIR   : MYPATH/informix                                                  
ONCONFIG      : MYPATH/informix/etc/onconfig.oninit                              
SQLHOSTS      : MYPATH/informix/etc/sqlhosts                                     
Host          : www.oninit.com


    If two servers with the same name but different INFORMIXDIRs are found, only one of the servers will be returned.

    The Informix server discovery feature relies on information obtained from the /INFORMIXTMP/.infxdirs file.

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