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onstat -g cdr config ER Settings

The onstat -g cdr config command displays the Enterprise Replication configuration parameters and environment variables that can be set with the CDR_ENV configuration parameter.

      onstat -g cdr config
      onstat -g cdr config long
      onstat -g cdr config parameter_name
      onstat -g cdr config parameter_name long
      onstat -g cdr config CDR_ENV
      onstat -g cdr config CDR_ENV long
      onstat -g cdr config CDR_ENV variable_name
      onstat -g cdr config CDR_ENV variable_name long

Where parameter_name is the configuration parameter, variable_name is the environment variable, and long prints additional information about settings that is mainly useful to Tech Support.

onstat -g cdr config CDR_ENV

CDR_ENV environment variable settings:
        CDR_LOGDELTA configuration setting:          0
        CDR_PERFLOG configuration setting:          0
        CDR_ROUTER configuration setting:          0
        CDR_RMSCALEFACT configuration setting:          0
        CDRSITES_731 configuration setting:                [None configured]
        CDRSITES_92X configuration setting:                [None configured]
        CDRSITES_10X configuration setting:                [None configured]

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