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onstat -g arc Archive status

The onstat -rc command display the current status of archives to the system. The output is sorted by DBSpace number.

num   DBSpace            Q Size Q Len  Buffer partnum    size     scanner   
Dbspaces - Archive Status                                                   
name               number level date             log        log-position    
rootdbs            1      0     04/14/2001.01:01 863        0x952018        
logdbs01           2      0     04/14/2001.01:01 863        0x952018        
smrtdbs01          3      0     04/14/2001.01:01 863        0x952018        
datadbs01          4      0     04/14/2001.01:01 863        0x952018        
datadbs02          5      0     04/14/2001.01:01 863        0x952018        
datadbs03          6      0     04/14/2001.01:01 863        0x952018        
datadbs04          7      0     04/14/2001.01:01 863        0x952018        

Active Archive Status

Heading Description Format See Also
num The DBSpace number Dec onstat -d
DBSpace The DBSpace currently being archived Str  
Q Size Size of list containing pages to be archived Dec  
Q Len Number of pages remaining in queue to write (gets - puts) Dec  
Buffer The number of pages in the archive before-image bin Dec  
partnum Before image bin partition number Hex  
size The number of used pages in temp partition Dec  
scanner Archive high water partition number Hex  

Dbspaces Archive Status

Heading Description Format See Also
name The name of the DBSpace archived Str onstat -d
number The number of the DBSpace Dec  
level The archive level that was performed (0,1, or 2) Dec  
date The datetime the archive was performed. Str  
log The logical log that was active at the time of the archive Dec onstat -l
log-position The position within the current active log when the archive was performed. Hex  


    By setting the environment variable ARCHIVE_TEST and running onstat -g arc, the DBSpace flags (onstat -d) and timestamp (hex value) columns will be added to the output.

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