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onstat -g afr Allocated Pool Fragments

The onstat -g afr command displays all allocated pool fragments for the specified session ID. A pool name or session ID are required as a parameter.

Allocations for pool name 103:    
addr     size       memid         
14d94000 1648       overhead      
14d94670 48         scb           
14d946a0 48         scb           
14d946d0 40         ostcb         
14e7f000 4992       sqscb         
14e80380 40         sqscb         
14e803a8 48         sapi          
14e803d8 48         sapi          
14e80408 48         fragman       
14e80438 48         sqscb         
14e80468 56         sqscb         
14e804a0 40         sqscb         
14e804c8 536        sqscb         

Allocations for pool name resident:
addr     size       memid   
a001069  1234       overhead
a002069  945672     resident

Output Description

Heading Description Format
addr The in-memory address of the pool fragment. Hex
size The size in bytes of the particular fragment. Dec
usage The type of information stored within the particular fragment. Str


    The number of fragments for a session can become quite large.

    All fragments for a specific functional area will generally have the same usage name. For example, there will be multiple scb fragments, all being used to monitor and control the session's control block.

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