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onstat -g act Active Threads

The onstat -g act command displays a list of the currently active (running) threads. The output is sorted by thread ID.

Running threads:                                                                
 tid     tcb      rstcb    prty status                vp-class      name        
 7       1424abe8 0        2    running                 1cpu        sm_poll     
 8       14256e00 0        2    running                 8tli        tlitcppoll  
 9       14266800 0        2    running                 9tli        tlitcppoll  

Output Description

Heading Description Format See Also
tid The thread id incrementally assigned by OnLine. Dec onstat -g ath
tcb The in-memory address of the thread control block. Hex  
rstcb The in-memory address of the RSAM thread control block. Hex  
prty The internal priority of the thread. Dec  
status The status of the thread. Str  
vp-class The class of VP on which the thread is running. Str onstat -g sch
name The name of the thread. Str  


    There are never more threads running than there are virtual processors (VP).

    A thread priority can range from 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest) with a default priority of 2. Priorities are assigned internally by the server and are not tunable.

Monitoring and Tuning

    The onstat -g act command is a quick place to identify if certain threads are actually running such as the KAIO thread, the poll and listener threads, and other threads as set in the configuration file.

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