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onstat -L Lock Free List Distribution

The onstat -L command displays a list of the distribution of available locks on the lock free lists. These are locks used within shared memory for managing access to database objects.

Distribution of available locks on the lock free lists

num  list head  available locks
 0   4ebde7d8      33669
 1   4ebde800      31228
 2   4ebde828      30209
 3   4ebde850      34659
 4   4ebde878      34740
 5   4ebde8a0      35207

Output Description

Heading Description Format See Also
num A sequential number assigned to this list Dec  
list head The in-memory address of this free list block Hex  
available locks The number of locks available on this list Dec onstat -k


    The number of free locks available plus those already in use should equal the total number of locks allocated from the LOCKS configuration parameter.

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