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onstat -G Global Transaction Identifiers

The onstat -G command provides information on Global Transactions generated through standard TP/XA calls.

Global Transaction Identifiers
address    flags  isol    timeout  fID       gtl  bql  data      dbpartnum
45cb0318   -LH-G  COMMIT  0        4478019   2    2    30323032  100163

Output Description

Column Heading Column Description Format
address In-memory address of the transaction control block Hex
flags Describes the current status of the transaction using a combination of the following hexadecimal values: Position 1:
  A User thread attached to the transaction
  S TP/XA suspended transaction
  C TP/XA waiting for rollback
Position 2:
  T Tightly-coupled mode (MTS)
  L Loosely-coupled mode (default mode)
Position 3:
  B Begin work
  P Distributed query prepared for commit
  X TP/XA prepared for commit
  C Committing or committed
  R Rolling back or rolled back
  H Heuristically rolling back or rolled back
Position 4:
  X XA data source global transaction
Position 5:
  G Global transaction
  C Distributed query coordinator
  S Distributed query subordinate
  B Both distributed query coordinator and subordinate
  M Redirected global transaction
Earlier versions

  0x00000001 User attached to transaction
  0x00000002 Open transaction
  0x00000004 Transaction between xa_start() and xa_end()
  0x00000008 Global transaction
  0x00000010 Trans marked as abort-only
  0x00000020 xaprepare
  0x00000040 I-Star prepared
  0x00000080 Aborted transaction
  0x00000100 Committed transaction
  0x00000200 Heuristically completed
  0x00000400 begwork log record logged
  0x00000800 xa_rollback completed
  0x00001000 Started committing drop tab/idx
  0x00002000 Started aborting transaction
  0x00004000 No undo ops have been performed
  0x00008000 Global savepoint active
  0x00010000 Savepoint rollback
  0x00020000 Cleanup dead transaction
  0x00040000 Transaction for a remote server
  0x00080000 Transaction entry in use
  0x00100000 Transaction has done remote work
  0x00200000 RSAM savepoint has begun
  0x00400000 TX is I-Star coordinator
  0x00800000 TX is I-Star subordinate
  0x01000000 TX is long or suspended and has no owner to signal
  0x02000000 Transaction is being recovered
  0x04000000 Redo failed for this transaction
  0x08000000 Undo failed for this transaction
  0x10000000 TX active while I/O failure occurred
  0x20000000 TX did some work during recovery
  0x40000000 TX contains pieces locks
  0x80000000 TX did DDR work
fID Format ID for transaction data Dec
gtl Length of the Global Transaction ID Dec
bql Length of the data byte stream for the transaction Dec
data Hexadecimal dump of transaction ID + data Hex

Summary Definitions

Label Description
active Number of active global transactions
total The current number of transactions that the server has been dynamically allocated to handle.


  • A value of -1 in format ID (fID) means the transaction ID (xid) is null.

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