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onstat - Server Status Line

The commands and their outputs might not be available on your version, for example onstat -g rah is relatively new, or onstat -t no longer has a resident column

Want to see this on a PDA? All the commands are available in short form. For example, onstat -g seg can be seen www.oninit.com/onstatgseg. So just skip the spaces and dashes and it should just work. On Google Chrome just add www.oninit.com/ in front of the command you would normally run at the command line.

The onstat - command will produce a status line for the Informix server. The status line is produced with every onstat command that is executed with a few exceptions. The first portion identifies the server and the current version. The second portion indicates the status of the server. The status of the Informix server can take on one of the following 9 values:

  • Initialization
  • Shutting Down
  • Quiescent
  • OnLine
  • Fast Recovery
  • Abort
  • Archive Backup
  • Unknown
  • Read-Only

Additionally, the server status can be accompanied by secondary information. The value of (Prim) or (Sec) will be displayed for systems running data replication. (CKPT REQ) will appear if a checkpoint is required; (CKPT INP) will appear if a checkpoint is in progress; and (LONGTX) will appear if a long transaction is currently being rolled back.

The final two portions provide the length of time the server has been up, followed by the total size of the shared memory segments (resident + virtual) used by the server in Kbytes. If the server is blocked from performing any work, the reason for the block is added to the end of the status line. The possible reasons for a blocked system include:

  • CKPT           Checkpoint
  • LONGTX         Long Transaction
  • ARCHIVE        Archive Requested Block
  • MEDIA_FAILURE  DBSpace being marked down
  • HANG_SYSTEM    Server Requested Block
  • DBS_DROP       DBSpace is being dropped
  • DDR            DDR Synchronization
  • LBU            Prevent Log Backups

The following SQL should report the header information

select * from sysshmhdr where name like "ckpt%";


    If the system time is manually changed to the past and the server startup time is later than the current system time, the uptime is not available. In this situation, the header displays the text Uptime Unavailable.

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