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Oninit LLC are Advanced IBM Business Partner, and a member of the PartnerWorld for Software and PartnerWorld for Developers programs, which provide extensive IBM software and access to tools and support on behalf of our current and prospective customers. We have been an Informix partner since 1999, before IBM acquired Informix. All our technical staff are Certified Informix professionals, two have received the prestigious IBM Data Champions award

IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) is our database engine of choice. We are dedicated to providing the best possible database tools and consulting services to support companies using database software.

IBM, Informix and the IBM Business Partner emblem are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.


AGS proven state-of-the-art solutions for IBM Informix® DBMS servers help organizations ensure that mission-critical database applications remain up and perform at peak levels, manage change and assure continuing availability of vital business information.

Sentinel monitors your data servers 24x7, and allows you to create user defined alerts that can be e-mailed to you or even sent to your mobile phone.

Server Studio is a simple to use graphical tool that, besides being a front-end for Sentinel, is an ideal environment for a DBA or developer to work in. It provides a single point for SQL development, schema changes, security, storage management and much more besides.

For more information, please contact us on the number above or email ags@oninit.com

Exact Solutions

Exact Solutions is a privately held software firm with a market-leading position in the area of Query-Level Performance monitoring. An innovative specialist with deep expertise in SQL performance measurement, Exact develops & markets solutions to support critical applications such as Performance Monitoring, Audit & Compliance, and real-world Database Replay for Test, Migration, and Capacity Planning.

The company's flagship product, iWatch, is a best-of-breed standard for SQL Query-Level Performance Monitoring. Using a unique and non-intrusive technology, iWatch allows organizations to identify & isolate bottlenecks in distributed environments, while bridging the gaps between more traditional tools. In contrast to tools that focus on only one aspect of the infrastructure (such as the database or OS), iWatch readily distinguishes issues from a variety of sources. For example, iWatch instantly exposes the effects of poorly designed SQL, identifies server-side bottlenecks, pinpoints the sources of disruptive ad hoc queries, and precisely measures the impact of concurrent processes or network congestion.

iWatch helps organizations streamline troubleshooting, improve end user satisfaction, and avoid costly service disruptions. Representing a distinct class or category of monitoring tool, iWatch delivers monitoring that accurately reflects end user experiences without the use of intrusive processes that might harm the performance of the underlying database or application.

The company's client list includes all five of the world's largest Investment Banking firms, and a Who's Who of global banks, government organizations, and large enterprises many of which have deployed iWatch to monitor hundreds of database servers, in such business-critical and performance-sensitive applications as financial trading systems.

Recent additions to the company's portfolio include the iReplay facility, the first practical DVR for your database. A powerful and compelling alternative to Load Generation or Scripting tools, iReplay allows organizations to capture a complete record of their real-world production loads, and then replicate this traffic in their test environments. With iReplay, companies can substantially reduce the business-level and operational risks associated with patches, fixes, database and OS upgrades, and other changes to their infrastructure.

The core technology of iWatch is also licensed to Lumigent Technologies of Acton, Massachusetts, enabling companies to leverage the non-intrusive methodology of iWatch for Audit & Compliance applications.

Founded in 1998, Exact Solutions is headquartered in New York City, with major operations in Mumbai, India.


Querix is the leading Informix 4GL, ESQL/C and NewEra development tools author, with a dedication to the Informix community, their mission:

"... to enhance the 4GL language with the latest technologies without requiring developers to make changes to their 4GL source code."

To this end, Querix has created a completely new generation of 4GL tools, which are easily configurable and infinitely customizable to meet both your own and your customers requirements.

To discuss how Oninit ® can assist please call on +1-913-674-0360 or alternatively just send an email specifying your requirements.